Gender: Presumed Male

Species: Formless Deity

Height: N/A (varies by depiction)

Weight: N/A (varies by depiction)

Age: Older than Earth

Faction Ties: Various obscure cults dedicated to worshipping and acting in his name. With the right manupulation though, anybody could be acting in the Creator's name without even knowing as such.

Role in Game: Penultimate villain. The Creator is the root of the Cycles as well as the destruction and misery they bring, and while he exists true peace can never be realized by the occupants of Earth. Having masterminded most of the issues in LoM, including Psi's memory problems, without physically intervening, he is never actually seen until the latest stages of the game.

Abilities: Master of pure Chaos Control without rival. Like his Avatar creations, he can also take over the bodies of people and creatures as if they were his own, generally preferring to possess creatures of myth to maintain his existing status and secrecy whenever he makes a physical appearance. Even without a host, the Creator has no true form, and can assume whatever shape and ability he desires at any given time. He specializes specifically in the creation and destruction of matter of nearly any description, and can change the environment around him in the blink of an eye.

Personality: Whilst generally depicted as a wise, all-knowing and benevolent god, the Creator is, in fact, quite the opposite. He is surprisingly immature and arrogant for a being of his age, and lends no weight to the criticisms and plights of his mortal creations. He remains overly proud of his accomplishments to this day, having built the world only as a monument to his sheer vanity in the first place, and regularly sacrifices the wellbeing of its population in preservation of it. Needless to say, he does not take criticism very well.

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