Gender: Male

Species: Red Panda

Age: 32

Faction Ties: Has been known to cooperate with law enforcement around the globe, but generally works by himself or in the midst of a civilian audience if he can help it.

Role in Game:

Antagonist. Saviour is a widely reputable superhero telegraphed well in advance by various news reports and comics depicting him, but once Psi starts cutting into his line of work he quickly develops a jealous hatred of him, going to absurd and unreasonable steps to ensure he gets the glory for himself.


Saviour, as a consequence of being the Avatar of Justice, is essentially powered by little more than his vanity. The greater the affection amongst his peers, the bigger his ego gets and the more powerful his abilities become. While some of the perks are either long-term or acquired indirectly, Saviour is at his strongest when fighting in front of an audience, particularly one composed of loyal fans and admirers. While his entropic control could potentially take any form of ability had he believed he was capable, most of Saviour's traits amount to super speed and strength, in addition to the ability to fly freely with no plausible explanation, but signature among them would be the ability to deliver physical blows from an implausible distance, via temporal, secondary extremities that appear whenever he attacks.


Being the Avatar of Justice, the Professor is driven by an intense, sometimes even illogical desire to deliver riteous judgement to the wicked wrongdoers of the world. While he is worshipped as a superhero far and wide, however, he completely lacks the integrity of one - he is a gloating showoff basking in his own vanity, and likes the fame and glory people shower him in almost as much as his instinctive desire to punch bad guys in the face. Worse still, unknown to most there is reasonable doubt as to whether all the people he locks up are even genuine criminals sometimes. Not only has he apprehended people based solely on witch hunt logic on many occasions, he is also stubbornly racist, especially towards native humans, and discriminates ruthlessly as long as there is promise of praise at the end of it all.