At the end of the last Cycle previous to LoM, Humanity suffered the worst in the ensuing wars and came the closest any sentient race has ever come to outright extinction of any known still-living race. As such, the face of humanity and their way of life fell victim to drastic changes - not only are the majority of them forced into a life of seclusion and isolation from other races to escape from racial discrimination, but also forced them to progress down two entirely seperate strains of evolution based off the nature of their separation from one another.

The first, and most obvious, variant of modern human in the Underworlder variant. These humans survived the previous cycle by hiding in well-hidden bunkers and caves scattered across the planet, and only in recent years have they emerged to interact with the rest of civilization. While nobody, them included, is aware of why they were hiding in the first place, what their role in the last cycle was or indeed, that the last cycle even happened, they are nonetheless typically looked down apon as inferiors, and are frequently singled out for abuse among others. As such, many try to hide the fact that they are human at all by way of masks and full-body suits to better fit in. Physically, they have reverted in size and build to closer reflect an average of the furry population, but have actually begun to regain some of their race's former powers - both speculated to be a result of time spent closer to the other races, to use an overly general description. While they don't particularly like the position they're in, they still love they planet they reside on and aren't beyond cooperating with furries in matters of mutual interest.

The second strain is the "traditional" line of humans, relatively unchanged from what we know of their 2000AD equivalents. These humans no longer reside on the planet at all - they left Earth's surface at the climax of the previous Cycle in an effort to colonize other planets and sever all ties with the furries and remaining humans, effectively creating a civilization where conflict caused by racial differences could not exist. Unfortunately for them, the Avatar of Vengeance stowed on board their colonization shuttles. The traditional humans only got as far as creating a habitable HQ on Earth's sole moon before the Avatar infected their minds with tales and dreams of revenge, and before long their originally peaceful intentions were twisted into a militaristic, hidden empire hellbent on taking the planet back one day for themselves. The fact that they still don't have the same superpowers as their furry rivals doesn't bother them much - they still possesses great physical strength in comparison, and an empire of technological genius to be feared by even the greatest of scientific minds.