Feesh the Chaotic by Psycho Werekitsune

Picture by Psycho Werekitsune

Role in game

Comic relief. Feesh will appear randomly in the game's towns in the form of a mysterious streetside stall, and in exchange for a certain amount of rings, will do "stuff". Naturally, "stuff" turns into a running gag and encourages the player to spend rings to witness random acts of wackiness. As of time of writing, Feesh does not fight, and is never seen outside of his stalls.


Feesh can control and warp the very fabric of reality to his whim, quite possibly due to a very deep comprehension of Chaos Control. The only thing stopping him from being an actual god is his sheer immaturity, as he only uses his power to entertain and pull pranks.

What kind of "stuff"?

  • With an accompanying drumroll, pulling assorted objects out of his top hat, including:
    • An active time bomb which explodes shortly after exposed, blowing Psi out of sight of Feesh (but not causing actual damage). When the player comes back, Feesh turns into ash and is swept away by a gust of wind.
    • A rabid rabbit - it mauls Feesh's face as he pulls it out, dragging them both offscreen.
    • Part of somebody's arm, which grabs Feesh by the collar and pulls him inside his own hat.
    • After devouring him whole in one cartoonish bite, pulls Psi out of his hat. He is understandably disoriented afterwards.
  • Staring at Psi for an uncomfortably long time. He eventually breaks the silence by saying "...what do I look like, a magician? Stop staring at me like that."
  • Exclaiming "Hey look, this loser just gave me free money!" before dashing off the screen much faster than any character in the game.
  • Pulls out an assortment of balloons and gives them to Psi. After a brief delay, the balloons attack Psi as Feesh wanders off in the chaos.
  • Juggles various dangerous objects. Each has at least one additional take that only plays after the first has been triggered, which shows Feesh slipping up and making the act turn horribly wrong. Variations include:
    • Chainsaws. On the second attempt, both of his arms are sliced off and he runs off screaming. The severed arms move by themselves and follows Feesh offscreen, dragging the stray saws with them whilst they are still running.
    • Active hand grenades. Feesh tosses them high into the air on the first attempt, causing them to detonate offscreen. On the second, he swallows said grenades, and he tries desperately to maintain a straight face as they visibly detonate inside him.