Gender: Presumed Male

Species: Anthropomorphic top hat

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: ?

Faction Ties: Created by Omega Eyes

Role in Game: Miniboss. Appears in the penultimate Omega Eyes stronghold as a last-ditch effort to slow Psi and Ekoi down.

Abilities: Hatty and the gloves can work together almost as if they are one in the same. The gloves in particular are capable of extreme balance and dexterity, and can balance Hatty on their opposite thumbs while they walk him along on their index fingers in addition to some impressive leaping slaps and punches. Hatty himself may be completely immobile without their help, but comes equipped with an extremely nasty chainsaw attachement to compensate.

Personality: Not much to speak of - Hatty groans like something out of Frankenstein and the gloves don't audibly communicate outside of hand-based gestures. That's about it.