Name/details are pending. EF will be editing this profile to better suit his preferences eventually.

Gender: Male

Species: Ascended Demon

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: Unknown (several millennia old)

Faction Ties: Has a small network of Ascended Demons like himself to carry out various tasks for him.

Role in Game: Antagonist. Ultimately responsible for creating Suzaku and Lynness as well as a number of others of their type encountered throughout the game. Because he once acted as a host for the Creator, he also acts as a convenient plot coupon that leads Psi to discover the Creator himself.

Abilities: Whilst in the confines of his throne, Hades is technically immortal, but he takes on the form of a brittle, decaying skeletal mess should he distance himself too far from it for whatever reason. He is also capable of turning people into an Ascended Demon to do his bidding, which in some way usually contributes to extending his lifespan in exchange for their gift of power.