The Gems of Chaos are a set of seven mystical, extremely powerful jewels, created near the end of the first Cycle. Because Humans were just as powerful as most furries, and typically in possession of greater physical strength to boot, the furs were required to rob the other race of their special powers just to survive to fight another day. At the losing point in the wars, the seven initial incitors of the original cycle were defeated and gathered to one spot, and a great spell was invoked, draining their very essence of life and housing them inside a set of multicoloured gems. Then, using the newly gained energy, they invoked an even bigger spell that drained the powers of the human race worldwide and imbued the gems further with fierce, chaotic power. Some time later after they learned of the real threat to their existence, they prepared a special, massive gem reserved for none other than their god - the Creator - and managed to entrap even him inside a master Gem of Chaos, thus preventing any future Cycles from happening... or so they thought.

In reality, if left unchecked this would spell the end of the Earth and all life on it, as the Cycles were invented for the sake of fuelling Earth with the Chaos energy it needed to sustain itself and hold together. Within the confines of his enchanted jewel, the Creator engineered the Avatars from the Gems of Chaos that surrounded him, in effect, making the Gems and their personifications into the catalysts for all future Cycles. They are widely forgotten by most and greatly sought after by the various treasure hunters and adventurers who do still know about them, but they tend not to be easy to find unless the Creator wishes them to be found - in which case, global war and disaster is almost certaintly just around the corner.