Gender: Male

Species: Squirrel

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: 25

Faction Ties: On-site surgeon for the Intimidators.

Role in Game: Runs his own infirmary in the Intimidator HQ, which the player can visit for a convenient healing in exchange for a small fee.

Abilities: When he is kept on-task and focused, Doc is a talented surgeon capable of repairing most borderline-mortal injuries. Because of his instable nature, however, he has been known to induce disfiguring injuries and fatalities in his patients deliberately. His work with the Intimidators sees both sides of this fence used for their purposes - whether to keep their own in good health, or as a threat of intimidation or torture to those Artemis needs to get important information out of. When pushed to fight, Doc isn't especially physically capable, but he wields a ridiculously oversize Naginata-esque scalpel with surgical precision when the need arises.

Personality: Mentally unstable bordering on outright insanity, Doc sees life itself as a medical ailment with one very obvious cure. He only ever practices legitimate medicine because he is paid for it, money which is then pooled towards various sharp objects and poisons to further "cure" people with. He also possesses a speech defect which causes him to over-pronounce certain syllables without warning, and when left idle he'll typically be seen twitching erratically and sporting an omnipresent, almost unchanging slasher grin regardless of the context. Needless to say, even when he is genuinely helping people he isn't someone anyone wants to be around for any reasonable stretch of time, giving even the otherwise fearless Intimidators the creeps.