Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: 12

Faction Ties: Recently initiated into the Intimidators after rigourous training and trials. Her role in the group consists largely of a courier and messenger, and isn't yet actively involved in bounty hunting beyond assisting her fellow hunters.

Role in Game: Minor character. Courage is the first character Psi meets apon awakening in Synn's body, but she doesn't recognize him on account of being new to the faction. When Artemis is ousted from the group later into the game, Courage becomes Psi's only link to the few Intimdators that remain, and she can be called apon from various locations to relay bounty information which would ordinarily have required them to go to their HQ first.

Abilities: Courage is a freerunner of great aspiration, even going as far as to rival Artemis's agility on occasion. She is rarely seen at standard ground level, and prefers to leap between trees and rooftops to get around. She is also a competent infiltrator when the need arises, thanks in part to her aformentioned physique that allows her to hide in unorthodox areas and flee with great success when spotted. However, she isn't much of a fighter - she can defend herself well enough to keep pursuers away on the move, but in a straight fight she generally doesn't fare well.