Gender: Male

Species: Underworlder Human

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Age: ?

Faction Ties: Omega Eyes General

Role in Game: Boss character. When Psi is discovered following the OE's trail and throwing wrenches into various plans of theirs, Cinder is sent out to stop him. He retreats when he's unable to do so, but reappears again in the OE stronghold to slow him down, buying Torcher enough time to fire off one of their signature WMDs.

Abilities: No special abilities of note, but Cinder nonetheless remains a blatant pyromaniac and comes equipped with an arsenal of pyromania-flavoured gear to burn the opposition down. Key among them are a set of melee-length blowtorches and thrown molotov cocktails which he carries around at all times, but he's known to mix up other goods every now and then, including his own personal mech equipped with massive dual flamethrowers and a molten-iron cannon.

Personality: TBA